Holidays make it harder

I love holidays. I love traditions. Most traditions though… Seem to include sweets.
Birthday- cake and ice cream
Valentines day - chocolate
Easter- a basket of candy
Halloween- candy
Thanks giving - crazy amounts of food and pie
Christmas - a stocking fill of candy.

I always feel like I can never eat all the candy I get between my family and Mu boyfriends family. I don’t want to eat all the candy but I don’t want to throw it away.

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Someone loves me!

Send me requests for lyrics or anything you want me to make into art, babbeees 

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look how romantic i am
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burrrgundy: can i just say how much i love your art? it inspires me to get my little paint set out and just create things. <3

Awe, Molly! Thank you! I appreciate that. The ability to inspire anyone… just makes me speechless. I will keep going!